Fat Burning Kitchen Review

Fat Burning Kitchen What types of food are healthy 3

Fat Burning Kitchen Review:

Fat Burning Kitchen Review: If you have been looking for a one stop solution to redirect all your measures to counter obesity, then this well thought out book by Mike Geary might be the guidance you need. This book offers a wide array of solutions you could implement in the kitchen to counter obesity, and has been regarded by many as the change in lifestyle they have needed.

That being said, there is a faction that is not particularly happy with Mike Geary’s attempts at the subject, which is why we aim to provide you a complete fat Burning Kitchen Review, of why you should or should not choose ‘The Fat Burning Kitchen’ as your next step forward in weight loss.

Fat Burning Kitchen What types of food are healthy 2
Fat Burning Kitchen What types of food are healthy 2

Layout of the Book

The book is very well organized and follows a sequence, which is why people get attached to it. The first part of the book consists of ten chapters, which deal with the following topics:

  • What types of food are healthy?
  • What types of food are unhealthy but are believed to be good for weight loss?
  • Scientific explanation for why highly clinical foods are not good for health.
  • Which types of food to definitely avoid which can make weight loss harder?

The second part of the book identifies the kinds of foods which should certainly be a part of your diet plan, and they are well laid out with relevant information regarding their nutritional values and consumption on a daily basis.

So far the book looks ideal, but now let us moves towards the positives and negatives to decide upon a final verdict.


  1. Expertise of The Writers
Fat Burning Kitchen What types of food are healthy 1
Fat Burning Kitchen What types of food are healthy 1

Not only Mike Geary, but the co-writer Catherine Ebling is also an expert in her field of study, and it can be verified that the quantities and the values provided by them in the book are as accurate as possible. This further means that any follower of the book should rest assured that he/she is not being misguided in any way.

  1. Additional Features
Fat Burning Kitchen What types of food are healthy 3
Fat Burning Kitchen What types of food are healthy 3

The name of the book might give away that the main purpose of the book is to tackle weight loss using dietary measures. That is not entirely true, because the book also goes on to describe what a fat free life looks like, and identifies what you can do to obtain it other than from working differently inside your kitchen, to obtain a fat burning kitchen

  1. Simple to Understand
Fat Burning Kitchen What types of food are healthy 4
Fat Burning Kitchen What types of food are healthy 4

Diet plans are often underestimated for their complication by those who do not follow one. In reality they are quite complex to understand because this is no utopia where you will find every component of the dish you want to make lying around your house, and neither will every plan identify what alternatives you can use in the case of absence of items and allergies. Mike Geary, however, goes the extra mile to ensure the understanding of his readers, and gives out details in an orderly manner for anyone to interpret easily.

  1. Suggested Diet Is Free of Trouble
Fat Burning Kitchen What types of food are healthy
Fat Burning Kitchen What types of food are healthy

You might be expecting that a book claiming to have all the solutions for weight loss might have some supplementary or artificially enhanced food items recommended, which increase the effectiveness of your weight loss plan. However, the ingredients used and suggested in this book are all naturally available, and the writer appeals to the readers to use fresh material instead of canned foods.

  1. Refund Policy

Materialistic times require measures which give a lot of regard to the monetary aspect of anything going on around you, which is why there is a policy of full refund which is in order till 60 days of purchase, which is sufficient time for you to decide whether you want to go on with the suggested plans or not.

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  1. The Change in Lifestyle

The effectiveness of the book solely relies on how willing you are to change your lifestyle, because the meals outlined might be filling and sound tempting but they are not exactly what you would want to eat in your daily life. In times where diet plans offer guaranteed results despite of you not having to make major changes to your lifestyle, this conventional approach was not appreciated by many users wanting to lose excess body fat.

  1. The Fat Burning Kitchen Review

The regard given to online reviews these days is quite phenomenal. There might be blogs and forums full of people talking about how the book has really helped them out, but the exact opposite of such reviews also exist. There are a bunch of users unhappy with the diet plan considerations offered in the book, and they have not shied out from highlighting their unhappiness online. These Fat Burning Kitchen reviews have acted as a disincentive for many people to not purchase this book.

  1. Availability

You would expect a promising book like this to be available in every local store around you, but you can only make orders online. This means that if the product is shipped to you, then you will have to pay extra charges for the freight, and this might further act as a disincentive.

The Verdict

Fat Burning Kitchen What types of food are healthy 6
It Is Interesting To Discover It

Despite of the few inconveniences pointed out above, it can be seen that the product overall is a great investment of money. For starters, $10 is not a very big blow to your bank account. In addition, the fact that a refund is possible means that you can use the book for the first two months as a trial, and then decide whether you want to keep it or not.

As far as the bad burning Kitchen reviews are concerned, there are always chances that people did not follow the plans in the exact amount of detail as they were mentioned to be, which obviously resulted in the book not being suitable for them.

A careful analysis shows that the book is indeed worth the time, and you should get it if you want to lose weight without any exposure to heavily enhanced food items. It might just be the change you want for a healthier life!